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    I've owned several hopped up cars over the years most have been sleepers. My challenger is by far one of the more flashy cars I've owned to date. But why is it most challenger owners want to run each other down just to blow past and then stand on the breaks or show off. I don't seen Harley sportster owners participating in this activity. I've had this happen to me enough times in the last few months that's I've taken notice of it. I don't drive my car often at all. It's seems immature and childish. Mind you I'm no old crab ass either. All I'm saying is your a tool bag if you participate in that kind of douchebaggery. I bring this up because yesterday on the 215 in north Vegas I had a red SRT run me down. No big deal rite? Wrong there was a mini van in front of me in the exit lane the SRT pipes me. This scares the shit out of the driver in front me. I know this because they swerved and slammed on the breaks almost taking me out as they hit the wall. I had my kids with me not cool. Then I had to explain this to my wife because my kids wouldn't stop talking about it. She then tells me she's had similar experiences.

    MR. RED SRT if your a member here, you sir are a douch!

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