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    Nov 4, 2017
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    2010 srt 8 with 72000 miles. Since July we have had consistent P0306 and P0300 codes. We have changed the plugs, Pcv valve, cam position censor, had a throttle body cleaning and a compression test 180 psi all around. She still misfires on acceleration but very shuttle misfire idling. Minimal misfire when she’s cold but as she warms up the misfires come constantly on acceleration. During the compression test we noticed all the new plugs were orangey red which I was told by a dodge mechanic that meant coolant is getting into the combustion chambers. She has never over heated since we got her but she is loosing coolant even though I can’t find the source ( no apparent leak). No milky oil but possible milky coolant (not thick but darker strawberry milkshake color) She was driven 1900 miles home with no issues and she doesn’t seem to like Colorado lol. I’m thinking warped head or leaking head gasket, do you think I’m right? I did notice lately that I’m getting hot air out of the vents in 3-4 miles of driving at 45-50 mph. For an engine this big when the outside temp is in the low 40’s seems a bit fast to me but she never shows she’s overheating. The temp gage never goes above 215.
    Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Check to make sure thermostat is opening.sounds like one of the head gaskets could be the problem.
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