U-connect, Pandora & Android fix.

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    I don't know if anyone else has run into this problem but I've had issues ever since Android updated their Operating System to 8.0 aka Oreo. It still doesn't work in their latest update 8.1.0. either. Specifically, when playing Pandora streaming to my U-connect via Bluetooth. it would not display the artist song/title info and would sometimes pause the playback. It worked fine with 7.0 (nougat) though. It does work fine with Spotify and other streaming apps I've found.
    I finally found a fix as suggested by my IT dept at work. The problem is the Bluetooth AVRCP version 1.4. Change it to version 1.3 and it should work.

    1. Unpair the phone from the car.
    2. You need to make sure your Android Version shows as 8.0 or higher. Go to "Settings" on your phone. I don't know if every phone will have the same way to go to the settings page so you may need to look it up how.
    3. What you need to do is enable developer mode. In settings, tap "About Phone". Scroll down to "Build Number" and keep tapping on it until it says you are now a developer. Go back to the main settings page and there should now be an option called "{} Developer Options"
    4. Open the developer options and scroll down until you see "Bluetooth AVRCP Version". Tap that and set it to AVRCP 1.3.
    5. Reboot the phone.
    6. Pair the phone back to the car and everything should work.

    I'd strongly suggest you to not change any other settings and to turn developer mode back off.