Who Has the Oldest Challenger?

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    The Challenger has been around for 13 years- since 2008. Who has the oldest Challenger and what was your delivery date?

    I have a 2009 Hemi-orange 2009 SRT. It was delivered to my house, on Dec. 13, 2008, in an enclosed trailer by Bob Frederick.

    Time has really flown but I can honestly say that I enjoy driving it just as much as I did on day one!

    Here’s my story.

    When I discovered that Dodge was building a Challenger concept car, in 2006 I started reading everything about it, both on-line and in car magazines. I even joined Chargerforums.com to learn about the 6.1 engine. This car was a replacement for my beloved 1971 ‘Cuda that I reluctantly sold for family reasons. Things, however, didn’t work out for a 2008 Challenger. So, after drooling over a 2009 SRT at the Philadelphia Auto Show, I ordered one from Champion Dodge, in Barrington, IL., on May 16. At the time, they were only one offering a modest discount- others were charging MSRP or MSRP plus a “market adjustment.”

    I patiently waited several months and eagerly watched the status of my order change from BX to BG to D. However, in late October, Brampton Builder, one of our members, alerted me that my order was cancelled. I couldn’t believe it! Who cancelled it? It had to be a mistake. I quickly called the dealer and heard the following voice message, “We regret to inform you that Champion Dodge has filed for bankruptcy and is no longer in business. If you have a car in our garage, please call the following number to make arrangements to have it removed. Thank you for your past patronage.” Is this a bad dream? This can’t be happening, not after 5 long months!

    I also thought that I lost my $500 deposit. Luckily, I had charged it and disputed the payment with VISA. They agreed to credit my account. With this problem solved, I was now back to square one. (P.S. My wife was the only one happy because she was not on board with buying such “an expensive toy”). A friend came to my rescue. He advised me that Frederick Dodge had two Hemi Orange SRTs on order. I called Bob Frederick and bought one for MSRP. Since he is a car guy, he actually cancelled one of the orders and re-ordered it so that my name would appear on the window invoice (i.e., “This car was built for…”).

    After this was done, Bob had to call in some favors because my car, after being built, was sitting in a holding yard in Detroit, for almost two weeks, awaiting shipment to his dealership in Ohio. What torture! When my car finally arrived, Bob took photos of it being off-loaded onto his lot. After a quick prep, my car was loaded on his enclosed trailer ($600 charge) and delivered to my home, in NJ, on December 13, 2008- 6 days after my birthday and 12 days before Christmas. What a present!

    Delivery to My Residence- Dec. 13, 2008

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    What a story, you can't make that stuff up. My RT isn't old enough to comment on but I do remember going to the Cleveland International Car Show back when the Challenger Concept was traveling the circuit. I stood in front of it for at least 15 minutes thinking, oh yeah, I'd take one of these. If someone back at that show told me I'd buy a new 2015 in late 2016 I would have laughed at 'em. LOL, glad I pulled the trigger because of the support of my wife and kids.
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    Hi Tom. I had a similar reaction when I first saw the 2008 SRT's at our local auto show. At the time I wasn't interested in just the Hemi Orange or Black with an automatic, I wanted a six speed, so I was going to wait until the 09's came out. At the beginning of 2009 Chrysler was having financial troubles and I was worried about buying a car and then not having any warranty on the car. In early January of 09 there was a dealer in Union Grove, Wisconsin that actually had two Torred Challengers, one automatic and the other a six speed. It had everything I wanted on it, except I really wanted plum crazy, but that wasn't going to happen. It was a really cold day with snow on the ground, but I took it for a test drive. After stalling it out a couple times, it was a few years since I drove a stick and especially one as stiff as this one, We came back inside and worked out a price with the salesman. I just still wasn't sure I really wanted to take the plunge, even after they offered all the manufacturer rebates. There was no over MSRP at this time. We left without the car. During the week my wife kept asking me if I made a decision on the car, and I kept saying NO. After listening to that every day that week, she finally made her last request by saying, did you make your mind up yet because I don't want to hear about it for the rest of my life that I should have bought it. I took out my wallet, took the salesman card out and put it in front of her and said, here, you want it so much, you tell him you want it. She did just that. We went back on Saturday morning and bought the car. When we drove it the week before it has 50 miles and it still had the 53 miles on it after I drove it. Not much activity going on at Chrysler during the bankruptcy.

    Well, its now coming up to January of 2022 and the car will be 13 years old and it just turned over 8,500 miles. I don't regret making the purchase, but I just haven't driven it that much. I think getting the car in January and not driving it until May 1st, took some of the joy out of getting the car. I never drove it to work because I have a parking lot fear and it hasn't been in the rain or a Wisconsin winter since. Now that I'm retired and I have time to drive to places, but Covid has arrived. I still take it out on nice days and drive to local drive-in for lunch, but that's been about it. Looks like my grandkids will have a nice car when they get older. I am glad that my wife did make the call, even though she can't drive a stick shift. She did push for the automatic one they had, but I said no way am I getting this car with an automatic.

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