Windshield Replacement

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    On August 24, Stellantis issued a recall, Y47, that affects the windshields of 8,667 Challengers, 9,114 Chargers and 3,477 Chrysler 300 sedans. All of these cars would have been produced at the company’s Brampton Assembly between October 27, 2020 and December 4, 2020.

    Dodge found that in the right type of crash, the windshield could detach from the vehicle. Windshields are large and very heavy, so having one go flying through the air in the event of a crash can make a bad situation a whole lot worse. More importantly, the legal aspect of this issue is that these select Challenger and Charger units fail to comply to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 212, which relates to windshield mounting.

    Back in October 2020, a non-conforming, substandard additive was added to the clear coat on the windshields. Specifically, on Dec. 4th, the batch was used to install windshields on vehicles at the factory. However, these vehicles fail to comply with FMVSS 49. That’s why the recall was issued.

    The defective additive and clear coat will be stripped off and replaced with a primer for the urethane. This will allow the glass to bond properly to the automobile.
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