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  • Exhaust Backpressure

    This YouTube video explains exhaust backpressure, exhaust scavenging and turbo pressures.
  • Evolution of Racing Stripes

    Racing stripes are usually a “must have” for owners of muscle cars. These stripes, originally called “go faster stripes,” first appeared on Cunningham race cars in 1951. Two parallel blue stripes ran from front to rear in the center of the white car body. Their main purpose was to help spectators identify the cars during races. They evolved from the traditional FIA registered U.S. Racing color of a white body and blue chassis, which dated from when racing cars had the chassis exposed. The...
  • "Grandfather" of the 2018 Dodge Demon

    Did you know that the controversial Dodge Demon name goes back 50 years? In 1970, the restyled Plymouth Valiant, named the Duster, was a massive success. Dodge immediately insisted on getting its own version. That car became the 1971 Dodge Demon. 1970 Plymouth Duster 340 Both the A-body Plymouth Duster and Dodge Demon were fantastic cars for the money (starting just over $2,100). The two cars were virtually identical, underneath. The attractive-looking Demon came with four optional...
  1. How does MDS Work?

    The following Motor Trend article, describes in detail, how the MDS system works. What Is Hemi MDS? (
  2. how to wire up the solenoid when doing a 6.4l manifold to a 5.7l swap

    a lot of questions have been fielded about how to wire the msd window switch for the 6.4l short runner tuning valve. i sat down on a recent vacation and worked my way backwards to figure how to painlessly wire this system so it works close to what the factory intended. i have acess to all the service information from FCA being that i work for them. get the connector from chrysler for the solenoid. DON'T buy the circuit boss, it is confusing and unnescessary. the red wire from the window...
  3. Why a manual transmission is better than an automatic

    Still not quite sure how to post an article yet, but Finally: Why manual transmission is better than an automatic [URL][/URL] Not so long ago, it was widely accepted that a true performance car had a manual transmission. In fact, some performance cars were only available with a manual transmission. Well, in the great age that is the 21st century, things have changed. Now the beloved third pedal is being replaced with...
  4. Need advice

    A new car dealer has a 2017 Mopar edition that was never sold. Less than 50 miles. Sticker was 63,000 reduced to 50,000. Question I have what is the better choice. A 392 scat pack or the Mopar edition? Seems the Mopar edition is around Hellcat price. I have a 14 Mopar edition, don't see many for sale. Depends on what I can get. Thanks
  5. 0% financing

    Wondering if anyone has any insight or thoughts into the current offer of 0% a.p.r. for 72 mos. I wonder, will this be a one-time deal? I've literally wanted one of these cars since 07, when they came out. For one reason and another over the years, I've never yet pulled the trigger. Got on this forum several years ago, to follow the latest news and info. I've lurked, enjoyed your guys' posts and kept on dreaming of the day. I've said for years, "why can't they offer 0% on the damn...
  6. Harmonic balancer bolt

    Hey guys hopefully you can shed some light on something for me. I think my ext warranty company is trying to weasel out of paying. Ok so long story short my harmonic balancer bolt has backed out some how on its own and allowed the balancer to pull back and put little small shavings in my oil pan. When we pulled the balancer the tip of the crank was blueish purple. Have you ever heard of a bolt backing off like that.
  7. Using a power washer on an auto finish can't be a good idea?

    See this fairly often. Not something I would attempt. What do others think?
  8. 226 mm / 8.89 in. LSD CV Axle Shafts only currently available through Mopar in North America.

    These axle shafts required for the 2008 - 2014 LSD rear wheel differentials are not currently available through Cordone (remanufactured) and despite catalogue indications to the contrary not even produced by Trakmotive / SurTrack / GSP North America. East Coast Mopars and others providing the Getrag swap pkgs. are using axles provided by Mopar, at similar pricing to the dealerships. I can't even find used axles through auto wreckers in western Canada. Sharing this so others don't waste their...
  9. The Elephant: A History of Chrysler’s Hemi Engine

    Not sure how this will work, but is a great article [URL][/URL]
  10. stay stock or not

    I've got a 2014 billet silver with the red stripe rally redline, and was wandering would it be better to keep the paint scheme and stripe the same to keep it original or change it up a little i haven't seen 1 like mine and only know of 1 other one in my area. thats black with the red stripe .i plan on lowering it and tinting the windows and possibly changing the stripes, and maybe going a little darker paint like a gray with black stripes but not the same as what i have now.i know theres not...
  11. Exhaust Backpressure

    This YouTube video explains exhaust backpressure, exhaust scavenging and turbo pressures.