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  1. Brian Michaels
    Brian Michaels
    First Hot Rod in 30 years!
  2. Alex M
    Alex M
  3. Alex M
    Alex M
  4. SRT-Tom
    SRT-Tom Shaggy
    I just noted that I am over 7,000 posts, now (actually 7,070).
  5. Eric Prentice
    Eric Prentice
    I am currently personalizing my 2020 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack Wide Body 50th Anniversary Edition.
  6. JJK
    JJK SRT-Tom
    That's not the 1 I am talking about. It works. The dead one is on the middle kick plate passengers side. Thanks for the info though.

  7. JJK
    JJK SRT-Tom
    Auxiliary power port Dead. Anyone know what fuse supplies voltage to this outlet?(it's on passenger side) Checked all trunk fuses that are supposed to feed this. The center console power port works. thanks
    1. SRT-Tom
      Mar 19, 2024
  8. SRT-Tom
    SRT-Tom Shaggy
    We need the Off Topic forum back. I would recommend adding two- Garage Talk (for cars other than a Challenger) as well as Off-Topic.
  9. scotiez
    retired and living my dream
  10. SRT-Tom
    SRT-Tom Shaggy
    Time flies. I just hit 7,000 posts!