226 mm / 8.89 in. LSD CV Axle Shafts only currently available through Mopar in North America.

By Cloverdale · Oct 30, 2020 ·
  1. Cloverdale
    These axle shafts required for the 2008 - 2014 LSD rear wheel differentials are not currently available through Cordone (remanufactured) and despite catalogue indications to the contrary not even produced by Trakmotive / SurTrack / GSP North America. East Coast Mopars and others providing the Getrag swap pkgs. are using axles provided by Mopar, at similar pricing to the dealerships. I can't even find used axles through auto wreckers in western Canada. Sharing this so others don't waste their time ordering CV axle shafts manufactured by Trakmotive / SurTrack / GSP North America (which appear to be the same company) as they will not fit (everything they make is for 215 mm / 8.46 in. or lighter and AWD applications. Disappointed that I'm going to have to pay dealership price for axles but suppose it could certainly be worse. Surprising though as they're seems to be somewhat of a demand / market for these parts.

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