how to wire up the solenoid when doing a 6.4l manifold to a 5.7l swap

By STEVEN NIX · Oct 21, 2019 ·
    a lot of questions have been fielded about how to wire the msd window switch for the 6.4l short runner tuning valve. i sat down on a recent vacation and worked my way backwards to figure how to painlessly wire this system so it works close to what the factory intended. i have acess to all the service information from FCA being that i work for them. get the connector from chrysler for the solenoid. DON'T buy the circuit boss, it is confusing and unnescessary. the red wire from the window switch is ignition/run voltage. so is terminal 1 of the solenoid. black is chasis ground on the msd and terminal 2 of the solenoid. terminal 3 is for the yellow wire of the msd window switch. the white wire is for the rpm signal derived from any injector driver circuit. the easy way to identify this is all the injectors are powered by the same asd circuit. look at each injector they will have one wire that is the same color code and the other is the driver or on-off switch circuit connected to the pcm. that example, all the injectors will have a brown with a white tracer or brown with a yellow tracer. that is the ign. current. the other is the driver or where you will get the rpm signal from. this goes to the white wire of the msd switch. the gray wire is not used. the underhood pdc, fuse F04 is a 25 amp fuse and for the asd circuit. it is the same on the 5.7l and 6.4l, the only difference is they added the short runner solenoid to the circuit. i put a 30 amp fuse in. someone did a test on one of the forums to determine the amp draw on the solenoid when actuated. he came up with 2,6 amp peak momentarily and when fully activated it drops signifigantly, so the circuit is perfectly safe. flip up the underhood pdc, and find the brown with a yellow tracer wire, splice a wire atleast 16g. into the msd red wire. run the msd red wire to the connector terminal 1. the solenoid and msd switch now have power. run the black wire of the msd box to terminal 2 of the solenoid. make a splice and create a chasis ground. the yellow wire goes to terminal 3, terminal 4 is left open. i ran the white wire to the #8 injector because it allowed me to fit all the wires into a 3/8 wire loom for neatness and appearance. i called msd and spoke to their tech support. the unit retains it's memory through a capacitor so no battery connection is needed. if you have any questions or need a wiring diagram for your particular year challenger, charger or 300 email me and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

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