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    I was going through my Challenger archives and I thought you guys would be interested in seeing the cool advertising that Dodge put out for the inaugural 2008 Challenger SRT.

    Here is the wording. It perfectly sums up the Challenger:

    "Muscle Perfected...We Didn't just Bring Back a Legend, We Created a New One. The look takes you back. The technology launches you forward. In creating the new Dodge Challenger, capturing the aggressive, muscular street presence of the original was just the beginning. behind the head turning looks of the concept model, shown here, is a combination of advanced, fuel efficient muscle, cutting edge technology and modern day comfort that will let he next generation of this legend deliver a high performance driving experience the original could only have dreamed of. Oh yeah, Challenger is coming back. And it's going to be badder than ever."

    Also, attached is a rare "spy" photo of the 2008 model before it was unveiled.

    Challenger3 003.JPG

    Challenger3 002.JPG

    Challenger3 001.JPG
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