Barton shifter fix PSA

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    May 15, 2017
    I put a Barton in my car some time back. I don’t drive the car much, so the miles on it are very low. I had an issue with the shifter last week. It’s became so loose that I had to abandon the shift knob on the highway. I chose to reach below the knob around the base of the boot to shift. I limped it to my buddy’s place where I patched it up. I got it back home and preformed some surgery. There is a set screw that acts as a pinch bolt on the right side of the shifter. So my fix was to take it all apart and put a small countersink in the set position of my choosing. I got it all put back together and now it’s rock solid. If had it to do all over again I would have made this simple change before I finalized the instal. The set screw that comes with the shifter is a 1/4 20 by 3/8 long I swapped it out for 1/4 20 by 1/2 set screw.

    You can see in this photo where it was tightened down. Also you can see how much it slipped.

    Here you can see the countersink. I didn’t go very deep at all, only about 1/16th.

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