Challengers Outsells Camaro in 1st Quarter 2021

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    The Camaro, which starts $3,000 cheaper than the Challenger and $2,000 cheaper than the Mustang, has managed to be outsold by both of its rivals. Outsold is an understatement, it's gotten destroyed with both the Challenger and Mustang outselling the Camaro 2:1.

    The Camaro only sold 7,089 units in the first quarter of 2021. For reference, the C8 Corvette has sold 6,611 units, which probably explains where a few of the top-dollar Camaro buyers ended up. Still, that number is completely trounced by GM's cross-town rivals.

    Starting with Ford, the Mustang sold 17,274 units, and no those don't count the Mach-E. Ford retains the best-selling crown out of the three, but Dodge isn't too far behind. Even though the Challenger has not been redesigned since 2016, it has enjoyed a long list of special editions and upgrades that keep buyers in the dealership, and it shows because Dodge managed to sell 15,096 units for in the first quarter of 2021- up 24% from the previous year. Aggressive advertising works!


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