Clutch will not disengage

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    After a search of this forum I did not see the topic discussed so I will bring it up for your information in case anyone wants to search for it in the future.

    Since I have owned my Challenger, there have been a few complaints about clutches failing before they should have. Some of these have been about no engagement (can get it into gear with the engine idling) and some of these have been about no disengagement (cannot get it into gear while engine is idling, and can when engine is off). The following discussion is about no disengagement. One owner complained that there was no spring in the pressure plate. Same thing. Another owner claimed that the diaphragm was warped. Same issue. This is typically due to a failed fulcrum ring weld, shifting the fulcrum thereby disabling the lever action of the diaphragm fingers. The fulcrum ring is a structural component, not a moving part and not a wear item. The weld fails because it is defective. If you have this problem, I recommend you light a fire under Dodge and/or FCA regardless of what your warranty terms are. The dealer isn't going to help you out, he has no incentive to. Dodge's hotline will not help out either, they are not trained to. You must ignore the dealer and the hotline to handle this. Here is a simple website illustrating the issue. You have to use the back arrow to navigate the website.
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    Interesting. I REALLY love our Challenger, but have had issues similar to what you've described since about two months after owning the car. Just assumed it was due to the dual clutch discs.

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