Fog Lights stopped working

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    Mar 18, 2018
    I have a 2010 dodge challenger with standard fog lights. The fog lights stopped working one day this week.

    I checked the push button and the headlights only still work.

    The fog light icon on the cluster still comes on when I push the fog light button.

    My brights (hibeams)are not on.

    I replaced the light bulbs thinking they were bad. Still did not work.

    I looked in both the front and rear fuse boxes. There are no fuses or relays marked for fog lights and nothing was blown.

    The car manual and online diagrams do not show a fuse location for fog lights on the 2010 year model challenger.

    I spent hours researching on google, youtube and challenger forums. Nothing!

    My fog lights still do not work. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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