Just picked up a used Procharger kit today

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    Mar 23, 2018
    I just picked up a Procharger kit today. Going to need some help, advice, assistance getting this thing installed and working. (Non tuner) kit looks pretty much complete except for the crank pin kit (and jig?), and fuel pump. Also, kit came with instructions for 2012+ CHARGER, not 2011+ Challenger. Anyone know if/where I can obtain or hopefully download this? Arrington, Procharger?? According to the guy from whom I bought the kit, all necessary tubing and brackets for the Challenger were included. Came with the Diablo tuner, and I was told that the 'canned tune' which I plan to run initially, can be downloaded from them after uploading the stock tune? This seems reasonable. Below is a pic of what I've go so far...

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