Nothing like using an Old School tool to maintain Modern Muscle

Discussion in 'Dodge Challenger General Maintenance' started by Wizard of Iz, Sep 22, 2020.

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    The My Mopar app and the Uconnect app are both very helpful tools.

    I just realized the other day that some of my previous entries were wiped out when I had them correct the ownership names on the Challenger and the Durango.

    That ain't right.
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    Sep 5, 2020
    All synthetic oils built to today's standards are great oils. Today's standards are GF6/SP. It isn't the oil that breaks down, but the additive package. While an oil can protect an engine to 10,000 plus miles it is the extremes the engine and oil are put through that wear out those additive packages. Even when Mobile 1 had their 15,000 mile protection oil, the back of the bottle excluded everyday extremes (listed below).
    Most auto manufacturers have 2 maintenance schedules in the owners manuals: Normal duty and severe duty. Severe duty is typically half the miles for service intervals as the normal duty.
    Normal duty is all but non existent in real life driving.
    Severe duty is everyday driving situations such as stop and go, short trips, extended idling, hills, towing, hauling, racing, commercial use, extreme cold, extreme heat, etc.
    It is best to consult the manufacturers recommendations before extending drain intervals.
    The average oil filter is good to no more than 5000 miles. Extended drain interval oil filters are good to around 10,000 miles. But you must ask for one to have it recommended. Oil change facilities including dealerships won't offer such a filter.
    I hope this information is of service to everyone who reads.
    Happy motoring.